Deputy Finance Minister says she submitted a budget review proposal at the beginning of the crisis


Deputy Finance Minister Gordana Dimitrieska-Kocoska of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE said that a letter in which she proposed a budget review was submitted on March 24 and that there were no details about the review announced by Minister Nina Angelovska, in terms of details of calculations and projections.

“On March 24, I submitted a written letter to the Minister in which there were many of my proposals and which items should be shortened as the most urgent at the moment, I proposed a budget review. A month and a half has passed since I submitted that letter and the Ministry of Finance is starting a procedure for the preparation of the supplementary budget. I do not have details about what is happening because I communicate with people in the Ministry when they need me to sign a new debt, and in terms of details about calculations, projections I am not involved,” said Dimitrieska-Kocoska.

The deputy minister says she is concerned that in terms of the Finance Ministry’s planning, it is guided by what was happening in April, and they are referring to March.

She assessed that this will be a difficult year and that according to her the decline in the economy will be greater than the one projected by the Ministry of Finance of 3.4 percent, and that the measures and funds needed are delayed.

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