Number of coronavirus infected children in Macedonia increases


Data from the Institute of Public Health show that the number of children in Macedonia infected with the novel coronavirus has increased.

According to the information, the total number of infected children from 0 to 19 years of age, including the data published yesterday, which refer to May 10, is 134 cases.

The Institute informs that on May 9, 55 and 68 cases or a total of 123 cases were reported in children aged 0-9 and 10-19.

Statistics for May 10, data released yesterday, show that a total of 134 cases of coronavirus have been registered in children aged 0-19 years or individually 62 cases (0-9 years old) and 72 cases (10-19 years), i.e. 11 cases more compared to the previous day.

The Ministry of Health informed yesterday that a total of 22 cases of newly infected with coronavirus have been registered in Macedonia, so according to the above, half of these cases are children infected with Covid-19.

Only 145 coronavirus tests were carried out on May 10.

According to the data for May 8, there were 120 children infected with coronavirus in the country aged 0 to 19.

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