Osmani: Some believe that people are in a better mood during summer and vote for the ruling parties


Elections in September/October suit the opposition, such are the calculations that then the economic effects may be greater, then people will have more costs, and then they will not be able to pay those costs and are more negative towards the government. This is a general logic, not only for us. And that’s why it suits the government to hold the elections as soon as possible. There is even a psychological analysis that says that in the summer months, people are in a better mood and vote for the ruling parties, unlike in the cold months, said Deputy PM Bujar Osmani.

He stressed that his DUI, as the ruling party, is entitled to elections as soon as possible, but as Osmani stressed, they do not prejudge when they will be held, because all aspects and possible second peak in September should be taken into account. a real decision on the date of the election, although some want it to happen in the window between the two peaks.

He reiterated that for his party DUI, the most important thing is that the election process does not create a situation people to get sick.

Osmani stressed that he was at the Institute of Public Health where he spoke with the local commission and added that their position is that in this period, if the elections are held, the measures for protection against coronavirus will be respected, such as wearing masks and gloves and maintaining physical distance.


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