Zaev wants elections with low turnout to mitigate his defeat


    Today I would like to send two messages, the first is that VMRO-DPMNE is quite satisfied with the outcome of yesterday’s leaders’ meeting with President Pendarovski because the plan we offered in 4 points was generally accepted, said VMRO-DPMNE MP Antonio Milososki.

    The second thing I want to send as a message is that unfortunately only Mr. Zaev, who is the president of SDSM, remained the only isolated politician who, regardless of the need for serious analysis from the health and election aspect, bids on election dates. Fortunately, no other political party leader present at the event accepted his bids. Why Mr. Zaev is bidding in this way with the date of the elections we can only guess, one of the assumptions is that lately more and more anonymous whistleblowers have been encouraged to share materials with us about Mr. Zaev as Prime Minister and his close associates, suspicious of certain incriminating acts. He is probably aware of that fact and wants to hunt in the dark, i.e. organizing insecure elections that could reduce the turnout of citizens, and thus Zaev to mitigate his expected defeat, says Milososki.

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