Macedonia will not get a negotiations date if it does not give up on history, says Bulgarian Defense Minister


In an interview the Macedonian Star TV, Minister of Defense of the Republic of
Bulgaria knocked out Zoran Zaev and the SDSM-led Government, confirming
Bulgaria's position regarding Macedonia's entry into the EU.
In other words, Karakacanov urged Macedonians to forget about the European
Union until they give up their own history in favor of Bulgaria.
– On the contrary, Bulgaria says "Yes, we agree that there should be negotiations
between the EU and Macedonia", but the date for the start of negotiations will
depend on when we agree on the history, says Karakacanov.
The basis for Bulgaria’s blackmail is the harmful agreement that Zaev's government
signed with neighboring Bulgaria, an agreement that undertook to revise
Macedonian history and history textbooks through a joint history committee.

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