The US provided $16 million for anti-corruption, youth and economic competitiveness initiatives


Finance Minister Nina Angelovska and USAID Country Representative Erik Janowsky on Thursday signed an agreement under which the U.S. government provides $16 million to help Macedonia reduce corruption, better integrate youth in society, and increase economic competitiveness.

The agreement provides support to national and municipal government efforts to leverage and successfully manage financial resources and implement accountability mechanisms; the State Election Commission’s work to lead free and fair elections and monitor political party funding and spending during elections; civil society organizations to engage constructively in public policies and practices for greater accountability and rule of law; the Ministry of Education and Science to promote inter-ethnic cohesion and a civic culture among children and youth; and the regulatory environment for renewable energy generation, to help increase investment in domestic energy generation, reduce energy import dependence, and enable a sustainable energy system, the U.S. Embassy in Skopje said.

“Our shared goal is to see a prosperous, inclusive, and self-reliant North Macedonia. By combating corruption, creating opportunities for youth, and supporting economic development, we seek to help North Macedonia reach its potential as a prosperous European country fully integrated into trans-Atlantic institutions,” said Ambassador Kate Marie Byrnes.

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