Russia might register coronavirus vaccine by August


The coronavirus vaccine might be registered in Russia in August, said Director of the
National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology Alexander Gunzburg.

"I believe by the end of the summer a vaccine will be registered. I would say so. In
August, I hope that everything will go as planned and there will be no surprises," said
Now the development of the vaccine is at the stage of preclinical trials, they might
last another month. At this stage, toxicity, reactogenicity, and other criteria are
determined, based on which it will be possible to begin testing the vaccine in
humans, reports Tass.
The vaccine, according to Gunzburg, will be administered in the right shoulder, but
all Russians will not be able to receive it at the same time.
"The Ministry of Health is thinking about how to do this, what capacities can be used
to maximize production of vaccines," added Gunzburg.

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