The President demands an answer as to why the government has given permission for medical cannabis to the son of a convicted official


President Stevo Pendarovski asked the government to explain why a company run
by the son of former Strumica mayor Novo Selo, Boro Stojcev, convicted of cigarette
smuggling, had been licensed to grow cannabis for medical purposes.
"I saw the decree and asked for an explanation from the government, it or something
like that, why they have just been adopted. Plus the question of why that man was
given the permission, mentioned now in the media as a man who is engaged in
some kind of illicit trade and cigarette smuggling," Pendarovski said.

On May 13, 2020, the Official Gazette published a decision to approve the decision
to grant approval for the cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes to the
Company for Production, Trade and Services Eco Energy-Cosmos LLC from the
village of Zubovo, Novo Selo. The decision was signed by Deputy Prime Minister
Radmila Sekerinska.
Opposition VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Dimce Arsovski reacted similarly in a debate
television show, asking SDSM spokesperson Kostadin Kostadinov if he was
informed that the SDSM government was granting breeding licenses during a
pandemic when citizens lost their jobs. of marijuana, and among others the son of
the former SDSM mayor of Novo Selo, Boro Stojcev.
Arsovski recalled that two licenses were awarded to companies related to each other
through management and the owner and close to the Zaev family, the leader of
SDSM: Namely in the company Eco Energy-Cosmos manager is the son of the
mayor of Novo Selo, and one of the owners of this company is Hristijan Kotev, the
son of the SDSM president in Novo Selo.

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