Interim Prime Minister believes that the spread of coronavirus will decline as the weather get warmer


Interim Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski believes that when the decision to postpone the April 12 elections has been made, the Decree stipulates that the election will be suspended, but believes that it will continue at the moment when the state of emergency ceases. that the election deadlines are running and thus the date when the elections are to be held is determined, and the validity of this Decree has been confirmed by legal force by the Constitutional Court.

“Through the state of emergency, we are carrying out decrees with legal force for the state to function in these conditions, but now the question is how long should we be in the state of emergency? We must not allow ourselves not to complete the institutions of the system when it is most convenient to be completed just because someone has a different party interest and does not want to go to elections right now, wants to go later, etc. All analyzes show that now, the coronavirus would have the lowest degree of spreading as the weather gets warmer, while after that a new wave of the epidemic is possible in the fall, and winter, “said Spasovski.

The normal situation before the pandemic will not return and will not be the same as before, said Spasovski, adding that we need to get used to a new situation in which strict protocols will enable the organization and implementation of a credible election process.

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