Opposition expects the Committee of Infectious Diseases to finally give its opinion


Secretary General of VMRO-DPMNE Igor Janusev, asked in his interview with the TV show “Detector” if he expected the Committee for Infectious Diseases to give a clearer position when it would be safe to hold elections, said:

“I expect the Committee of Infectious Diseases to finally give an opinion on this issue, and I say this because I may be accused of wanting to say this too politically, but honestly it is not. This is not the case because on the one hand the Commission assures us in some way that it is good to go to the polls, on the other hand after the first leadership meeting it recommended a new state of emergency. We see that the proposal for 3-4 days of closing for the weekend came from the Commission. On the other hand, I will say what the Commission is sending in that opinion to Pendarovski. He first states that we see the good effects of strong restrictive measures. I really don’t know where they see the effects when we have every day or a constant increase in the number of patients or a slight increase. It is further said that we are in the last weeks of the usual duration of respiratory epidemics and this is probably what we accept and they say that we are in a phase where schools and kindergartens are not working. “It means that there is a period ahead of us in which we need to learn to live with the virus.”

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