Spasovski: Assessments to be made by week-end whether declaring another state of emergency is needed


Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski said Tuesday that assessments will be made by end of the week whether declaring another, third state of emergency is necessary.

During the visit to the MEPSO substation in Shtip, Spasovski stated that if deemed necessary, then a state of emergency will be re-introduced.

“If deemed necessary for us to respond more easily to the entire situation through a state of emergency, then we will make such a decision. Right now, no decision has been made in this regard,” Spasovski said.

Asked whether political parties are expected to agree on election date at a fresh leaders’ meeting, Spasovski said political parties should agree on what positive legal regulations in the country mean.

“Elections should be held 22 days after the state of emergency is declared over. I expect politicians to be responsible and reasonable and I hope the dialogue between the political parties to be encouraged. If the greatest interest is the state and the citizens, then I think the personal or party interests should not be put forward before the interest of the citizens and the state,” Spasovski added.

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