Zaev needs to show us where the WHO wrote that the second coronavirus wave will be August or September, says VMRO-DPMNE Secretary General


Zaev should show us where he read that the WHO said that the new wave of coronavirus will be in August or September ?, asks the Secretary General of VMRO-DPMNE, Igor Janushev.

In a statement posted on Facebook, he said that in two weeks there were 335 cases, and two weeks ago there were 373 active cases, today there are 447 or about 20 percent more. And they say that such a situation is under control?!

“It’s one thing what the government thinks, it’s another thing that the numbers speak for themselves. We have not successfully dealt with the crisis when we are the record holders in the region in terms of deaths per million inhabitants.

While Zaev persistently convinces us how the June elections will be safe, without answering how the citizens will manage to vote at their polling stations, Venko calls on the people not to violate the measures, because the healthcare workers cannot do it alone.

And yes, Venko is right at least once, healthcare professionals can’t do it alone, because the government didn’t take the risk seriously, while the whole world appealed, and Venko didn’t provide timely equipment to protect them. But that’s why Venko provided two licenses for marijuana cultivation of companies in which the management and owners are the son of the convict for smuggling and a friend of the Zaev family during the declared state of emergency in the Republic of Macedonia.

For Zaev and SDSM, the citiznes’ health is not a priority at all, but their positions and their own skin are a priority,” Janusev said.

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