About 100 illegal migrants discovered overnight


In two separate incidents on Saturday night, Macedonian police registered illegal transport of illegal migrants in the southern part of the country, revealing hundreds of people, mostly from Central Asian countries, the interior Ministry informs.

In the first case, a 30-year-old Kosovo citizen was detained after being caught transporting 113 migrants from Bangladesh, India and Myanmar to the Miravci interchange.

“Around 01.15 on the highway Gevgelija – Demir Kapija, at the junction Miravci, police officers arrested IP (30) from Kosovo because during an inspection of the Scania truck and a refrigerator with Skopje license plates, which he 113 migrants were found (110 from Bangladesh, 1 from India and 2 from Myanmar), police said.

A few hours earlier, two passenger vehicles on the highway Demir Kapija – Negotino were driving in the opposite direction and had a car accident with a third vehicle, and the police found migrants during the inspection.

The drivers of the vehicles fled the scene, and 19 migrants were found in the immediate vicinity of the place, who confirmed that they were driving with both vehicles, according to the police.

As the Ministry of Interior informed, while inspecting the scene, around 01:15, a passenger vehicle Mercedes with Skopje license plates, driven by an unknown person, did not stop at two patrols, hit the Opel Corsa vehicle and ran, but after one kilometer the driver stopped and left the vehicle and fled with the passengers.

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