SDSM leader: Elections on July 5, no concessions


SDSM leader Zoran Zaev said at a press conference on Monday that the elections will be held on July 5 and that there would be no concessions for this date.

– The elections will be held on July 5, 22 days after the end of the state of emergency. Elections are no longer a topic for me – said Zaev when asked if he remains in the position for quick elections, despite the new COVID-19 cases.

Asked whether there was a formal or informal communication with Mickoski in these past few days and whether there would eventually would hold another leaders’ meeting, Zaev confirmed that there was a channel of communication and that it existed until the declaration of the fourth state of emergency.

– Unfortunately, we did not reach an agreement. One thing is clear, there is no constitutional and legal moment to reconvene the Parliament. The election will be on July 5, this is the last concession. The virus is getting weaker but it is present everywhere, there are asymptomatic cases. All today’s numbers are from the time when there was a curfew. The reflection of the infection is weakened possibly due to time or other circumstances. This will continue on July 5, August 5 and September 5 and October 5. We cannot leave the country without a parliament. July 5 is Election Day. We have enough time, and everyone knows that these will be specific campaign conditions, this is our new reality. It is healthy for the state to form a parliament – said Zaev.

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