Defeating coronacrisis statistics for Macedonia


Macedonia remains at the top in the number of newly diagnosed cases of coronavirus, after 101 new cases of infection were registered in the country in the previous 24 hours, which is by far the most in the region.

On Tuesday, when Macedonia reported 76 new cases with the corrected new daily report, Serbia diagnosed 24 new cases, Albania 21, while its neighbors to the east and south, Bulgaria and Greece after 19. Bosnia and Herzegovina had 11 new cases and two positives complemented regional statistics. in Slovenia. Croatia did not have new cases yesterday, just like Montenegro, which is already being run outside the pandemic.

While we keep the top in the number of new cases, when it comes to aid that the Macedonian government allocates to help the economy, the country is at the bottom of the region.

According to a study by Columbia University in New York, Macedonia has allocated only 1.2% of gross domestic product to help the economy. Slovenia allocated the most for economic assistance in the region, 19.7% of GDP, followed by Croatia with 9.3%, Serbia with 6.5, Bosnia and Herzegovina 3.6%, Albania with 2.8, Kosovo with 2 , 5% and Montenegro with 1.7% of GDP.

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