The ruling party’s cluster put 75 people in self-isolation


Party meetings at the ruling party’s headquarters led to the self-isolation of about 75 people, and the SDSM cluster, of which Vice President Muhamed Zekiri and the director of the Public Revenue Office, Sanja Lukarevska, came out positively on Kovid 19, quarantined almost the entire party presidency. senior party bodies, but also senior government officials.

Data show that by Wednesday morning alone, 33 people that had contact with Zekiri had received a recommendation for self-isolation from epidemiologists. Twelve people from his family are without his wife and three-month-old daughter. And after contact with Zekiri, the Deputy Prime Minister and Vice President of SDSM Mila Carovska, the Government Advisor Marjan Zabrcanec, the Minister of Information Society and Administration Damjan Manchevski ended up in isolation. The director of financial police, Arafat Muaremi, and the director of the Intelligence Agency, Erold Musliu, are also in home isolation, as well as Igor Janusev of VMRO-DPMNE after the debate on TV 24 with journalist Dusica Mrgja, which was also attended by Zekiri, after the party meeting in the SDSM headquarters.

28 people ended up in isolation from Lukarevska, who confirmed that she is positive for Kovid 19. Besides the Deputy in the Office Ramzi Abulahi, the advisor in SDSM and the technical Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski, Fatmir Bitiqi, are also in the domestic quarantine. SDSM spokeswoman Bogdanka Kuzeska is also in self-isolation, as she had a brief meeting with Lukarevska. Due to contact with Lukarevska, many employees of the PRO, her relatives and friends are in domestic isolation.

14 people after the contacts with Zekiri and Lukarevska were immediately tested and have a recommendation for home isolation. The Prime Minister in the technical government Oliver Spasovski, the Secretary General of SDSM Lupco Nikolovski, the Secretary General of VMRO-DPMNE Igor Janusev, the Director of the Official Gazette Martin Kostovski, the Mayor of Butel Velimir Smilevski and others received negative tests.

Only one of the five vice presidents of SDSM, Kosta Petrov, is not in self-isolation, and Slavjanka Petrovska, the additional Deputy Minister of Interior, received such a recommendation, after the negative tests of Kovid 19.

Muhamed Zekiri said he probably got the virus from his brother who visited him for Eid. And Lukarevska said she was tested on Covid 19 after her fellow party member Muhammad Zekiri announced that she was ill. During the weekend, she and Spasovski were in Kumanovo. They distributed protective masks to the citizens in a package with election flyers, and they also had a close separation without masks. But according to epidemiologists, most people in domestic isolation sent meetings to the Paris headquarters on Tuesday and Thursday.

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