Association of Chambers of Commerce President: 99% of companies are affected by the coronacrisis, 49 % of companies have a revenue reduction of over 80 percent


President of the Association of Chambers of Commerce, Daniela Arsovska, in her guest appearance on the show “Sto ne e jasno” said that 99 percent of companies were directly and quite affected by the economic crisis in Macedonia as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. She pointed out that the analysis of the Association of Chambers of Commerce was really worrying considering that 49 percent of Macedonian companies have faced reduced revenues of over 80 percent, a figure that was very close to 100 percent.

“What our analyzes say, and we came up with a survey from which we further conducted an analysis from which the numbers were not really good. It was also the reason why a way was sought to find appropriate assistance from the institutions so that they could overcome the current situation. Our analysis shows that 99 percent of companies are affected by the crisis. Of which just over 49 percent of companies have reduced revenues from over 80, or 80 to 100 percent. These are really worrying numbers and it should be understood that if the economic cycle stops, it will be really difficult to start again from a position where the companies can return where they were before the crisis,” Arsovska said.

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