VMRO-DPMNE leader: Macedonia is not even in the 100 safest countries in the fight against COVID-19 according to Forbes


Even Laos, Cambodia, Paraguay, Bangladesh, Iran, and even China, from where the
virus originated, are safer countries, than Macedonia, when it comes to the
coronavirus, VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski wrote on Facebook.
– FORBES published the list of the 100 safest countries in the world in relation to the
Corona virus, and Macedonia is not on the list at all. Unlike us higher on this list, all
countries in the region are assessed as safer, Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, Montenegro,
Croatia, Slovenia and Macedonia are assessed as unsafe. Where we stand
desperately bad! The FORBES survey took 130 parameters, including the
effectiveness of the measures taken, the detection of the infected and the number of
tests, the efficiency of the health system and the readiness of governments to fight
the infection. The countries declare victory while we are in the phase of capitulation
in the fight against corona. The dangerous incompetence of Zaev's government,
Spasovski, and Filipce's superficiality did not lead to catastrophic results. Every day
we see a three-digit number of newly infected, and Filipce and Zaev play a normal
role, says Mickoski.
He added that he would only recall that what they called a pick two months ago was
30 new cases, and one or two deaths. The FORBES figures are vehemently denied.
"Macedonia is not even among the 100 safest countries in the fight against the
coronavirus, while all countries in the region are better ranked," Mickoski wrote on

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