Following the case of the mother who hid cases of coronavirus in her family, four private clinic employees in self-isolation


Due to the mother who identified herself as a doctor at the Gynecology Clinic, and
the Medical Chamber said that she falsely presented herself, four medical personnel

from a private hospital were placed in self-isolation, where the woman gave birth
after she left the Clinic.
At the request of the mother, she left the Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic in the
morning, despite the warning from the medical team that she needed hospitalization
and hospital treatment. There she testified that she had been in contact with a
person with a respiratory infection or that she had a positive family member. Her
hospitalization at Remedika Private Hospital was on June 8, medically speaking,
when the birth had already begun. At the reception he provided information that he
had contact with a person who had respiratory difficulties, not that he was in a family
or had contact information with a coronavirus-positive person.
Four people from the medical staff, employed in the private hospital that treated the
patient, are now in self-isolation.

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