SDSM violates the Constitution yet again, holding elections on July 5 is unreasonable


There are no conditions for either a campaign or any election activity, the State
Election Commission says they need more than 20 days, said Professor Aleksandar
Dashtevski in his statement for Infomax.
He points out that at the moment Macedonia has a large number of new coronavirus
cases every day and that on July 5 there can be no conditions for early
parliamentary elections.
"When the numbers start to fall, we will end the state of emergency and carry out this
procedure within 60 days and hold early parliamentary elections. In my opinion, the
best is on August 30 or September 13. Not that the opposition is looking for that
date, it's realistic you see and you said 21 of course so no one should come out, now
it's absurd to think. Then July 28, now July 5, it's just like 28 a week just being

delayed. Everyone expects the state of emergency to continue, what is happening
now is not normal," Dashtevski said.

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