Minister of Health announces a new way of classifying data of COVID-19 cases


Health Minister Venko Filipce pointed out that the Commission for Infectious Diseases will discuss in the coming days whether asymptomatic patients should be counted as infected, given that certain countries no longer count them, which raises the question of whether This is an artificial reduction in the number of people with a political background in trying to hold elections quickly.

However, as the Minister said, asymptomatic cases should be taken into account, in terms of implementing epidemiological surveys and putting people in isolation.

“Yes, there are a number of asymptomatic cases that have resulted from tests performed on family clusters. It is true that more countries are changing this strategy. We will discuss this within the Commission for Infectious Diseases, but that is not a reason to consider those asymptomatic cases in terms of implementation and epidemiological surveys and putting people in isolation,” said Filipce.

Although the detection and registration of the numbers will be discussed in the coming days, Filipce said that this will not change the approach of how it will be tested, how it will be surveyed, who will be tested and based on what someone will go into self-isolation.

Regarding how to treat the most difficult patients, Filipce said that intensive work is done with everyone, and the most difficult patients are treated in the intensive care units, placed on a respiratory machine according to the doctors’ assessment.

“We had a tendency to diagnose something post-mortem that no country does that has seriously raised the mortality rate, but I think it was important to know that because of the epidemiological data and the protection of their family members,” Filipce said.

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