23 units of convalescent plasma collected for COVID-19 patients


The Ministry of Health said 23 units of convalescent plasma have been banked for potential treatment of 23 patients with COVID-19. In the past period, 16 donations of convalescent plasma have been made, of which seven through a standard procedure of plasmapheresis, and nine through a standard procedure of blood donation, the press release reads.

“The coronavirus is a major new threat for public health as it is spreading fast. Enormous efforts are made to contain it. Recently, a protocol on donating convalescent plasma has been prepared at the Institute of Transfusion Medicine. Any person who has recovered from COVID-19 and meets the requirements set out in the protocol can be a donor of convalescent plasma,” the Health Ministry says.

Convalescent plasma contains antibodies to COVID-19 that could aid in treating those who are sick as it might be effective against the infection.

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