Capacity of Infectious disease department in the Kumanovo hospital filled


The facilities of the infectious disease department in the Kumanovo General Hospital have been filled, the officials from the institution announced today. Out of the total capacity of 18 beds, seventeen have been filled, said today the Director of the Kumanovo hospital Dr. Snezana Zaharieva.

“Ten patients are on oxygen support, which means they are in a moderate to severe clinical state. The remaining patients are in a moderate clinical state. There is also an influx in the outpatient department where patients come, receive therapy and are released for home treatment. The patients from Kumanovo who are positive for COVID-19, regardless of their condition, are in constant communication and contact with our infectious disease specialists,” said Zaharieva.

During this time, four nurses from the Infectious Diseases Department tested positive for COVID- 19, which is one hospital shift. Zaharieva says nurses from other departments of the hospital are hired to help the infectious disease department.

Since the beginning of the country’s epidemic in Kumanovo, there have been 640 diagnosed cases and there are currently 221 active cases of COVID-19.

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