Former Dermatology Clinic director fined with 10.000 EUR for spreading an infectious disease


The Criminal Court fined the former director of the Skopje Dermatology Clinic Nina Caca Biljanovska with 10.000 euros for transmitting an infectious disease, after the court accepted the request of the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The Skopje Prosecutor’s Office confirmed the information that the doctor was fined because after returning from a ski trip in Italy in the period when the coronavirus epidemic was already spread in the northern part of this country, instead of going into self-isolation, she went to work and seminars, after which the entire clinic was completely disabled. This is a first instance verdict and Biljanovska can appeal it.

At the end of May, the Skopje Public Prosecutor’s Office submitted to the court a proposal for the director of dermatology Nina Caca Biljanovska to be fined 10,000 euros, accused of transmitting an infectious disease.

The competent public prosecutor proposed to the Court for the defendant to impose a fine of 40 daily fines with a value of one daily fine of 250 euros, i.e. a total fine of 10,000 euros in denar counter value.

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