Election protocol to be finalized in the next two to three days


There is sufficient quantity of protective equipment for all doctors and members of electoral boards. As requested by the State Election Commission, we provided the list of health workers who will administer the elections for those people in home treatment, in isolation and people with chronic diseases, in order to facilitate access to voting, said Health Minister Venko Filipce.

He said that a specific protocol has been drafted along with the sufficient quantity of protective equipment for those who administer the elections.

“The Commission for Infectious Diseases has drafted the election protocol at the President’s request. This protocol is based on the same principles when organizing any event, be it indoors or outdoors – disinfection, mask and distance. Protocols are in place for everything, not only elections. We must learn to live with the virus in the period to come. The last request is to give a slightly modified form, but we are in continuous communication and all this will be finalized in the next two to three days,” said Minister Filipce.

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