Payment card complaints being reviewed, public to be informed data after processing all data


Complaints sent by the citizens over the payment cards are being reviewed. The Ministry of Finance and the government’s General Secretariat after processing all data will come forward to inform the public, Deputy PM for Economic Affairs Mila Carovska said.

Carovska fell short of saying what the citizens were complaining about the most.

“They are also required to attach some proof to the complaint in order to be secured the right if they are entitled to it but the institutions have made some technical errors,” Carovska said.

It’s important, she noted, the institutions that accept and review the complaints are transparent about the whole process.

At least 30,000 complaints have been received by the General Secretariat of the Government from citizens who meet the conditions for obtaining a card with 3,000 denars, and could not be found on the list of users of the domestic payment card Many of them are high school and university students, and the authorities are announcing that anyone who meets the requirements will receive funding.

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