REK Bitola emitted twice as much sulfur dioxide in just one year


Dust emissions from REK Bitola are 2.5 times higher than allowed, and the biggest
problem is the emissions of sulfur dioxide from the power plant, which are doubled in
just one year, from 52,823 tons in 2018 to 105,431 tons in 2019. With this, the three
blocks in the plant have become the installation with the largest emissions of sulfur
dioxide in the region, and perhaps in Europe.
These data are part of the latest report from Bankwatch, which shows that two and a
half years after the legislation to control emissions from large combustion facilities
came into force through the Energy Community, our country is far from fulfilling its
obligations. The report can be downloaded at the following link.
Total sulfur dioxide emissions in 2019 from thermal power plants in Serbia, Bosnia
and Herzegovina, Kosovo and North Macedonia remain six times higher than
allowed, just as in 2018. Dust emissions in the region have dropped slightly and are
currently 1.6 times higher than allowed.

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