Spasovski: Elections to be fair and democratic, befitting a European democracy


We have historic responsibility to administer elections befitting a NATO member-state and a European democracy, a country in the final stage of EU accession. The early parliamentary elections should be fair, democratic, observing coronavirus protective measures and free of hate speech, said Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski.

Spasovski told a press conference that the citizens’ right to vote will not endanger their health, adding there should be no abuse during the electoral process, especially by state officials.

According to him, all those who violate the COVID-19 protective measures will be sanctioned.

The PM reiterated that the elections are the way out of this health, social and economic crisis, which is possible only by having fully functional institutions.

“The campaign for the July 15 elections begins today. These elections will be remembered by the fact they are taking place in time of pandemic. Let’s also remember them for the successful administering, in a fair and democratic atmosphere, with maximum protection. Elections are a way out of this health, social and economic crisis. The country needs a new, active Parliament and a fully functional Government that can take the decisions for the crisis management,” noted Spasovski.

He said the country and its institutions have demonstrated the capacity to handle the coronavirus, but the next stage must be an electoral process through maximum protection of all stakeholders.

“Preparations are ongoing, along with activities to ensure the necessary conditions in accordance with the protocols for a safe campaign, work of the State Election Commission (SEC), electoral boards and the monitoring. The citizens’ right to vote will not endanger their health. Epidemiologists claim that voting will not expose citizens to risk if they observe measures. We will take 3-5 minutes in the polling station, less time than going to the market. The important thing is to wear masks and keep distance,” added Spasovski.

He reiterated that these elections are the first for the country as a NATO member-state and a country in the final stage of the EU accession path – another motivation for organization of elections in line with European standards.

“We must show personal, political and professional responsibility, give our best for the country’s development and progress, give room to the people’s democratic will. Let’s affirm the values of tolerance and understanding during the campaign. Political parties and all election stakeholders should contribute to a fair competition in presenting the election program, fairness and no hate speech,” said Spasovski.

The PM said organization of fair and democratic elections is the top priority of the caretaker government, while every violation will be sanctioned by institutions, but also the judgment of the public.

“It is especially important that citizens take part in the electoral process. They are the carriers of democracy, they make the decisions and choose the political option for the next four years. On July 15, we will have democratic elections, safe elections with maximum observance of protective measures and health protocols,” underlined Spasovski.

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