Airports to reopen next Wednesday July 1 st


Macedonia will fully reopen its two airports on Wednesday (July 1), with new
protocols of work underway to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
As announced yesterday by "TAV Macedonia", passengers will have to arrive at the
airport at least 3 hours before their flight, to put on a protective mask before entering
the terminal building of the airport and keep it until their journey ends at the exit of
terminal at the final destination, to disinfect hands at the entrance of the building and
to maintain a constant physical distance, the only open entrance for passengers in
the terminal building will be the entrance on “Departures C”. Each passenger will
have to put on a protective mask, show their flight ticket (printed or on the phone) to
our security staff and then go through a shoe disinfection path and then to disinfect
his/her hands through contactless hand sanitizer dispenser, placed at the very
entrance of the building.
All passengers at the entrance of the terminal buildings of both airports will be tested
for body temperature, through the thermal cameras that we as an airport operator
have procured, in order to prevent entrance of the virus in the airport buildings, for
the passengers that are on the way of leaving the state. After they’re scanned with
the thermal camera, if they do not have higher body temperature, passengers will be
able to proceed to the registration or self-registration counters.

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