Milososki: The government led by SDSM and Zaev was not dedicated to creating but to racketeering


Everything is in the hands of the prosecution and everything depends on the political order given by Zoran Zaev. If Zoran Zaev decides to have a case and there will be an indictment, if he decides not to, there will be none.

But regardless of his decision, I do not intend to deviate from my determination to uncover all the financial scandals and all the misconduct and abuse of his position as Prime Minister and his relatives and now and as an MP in the future, said Antonio Milososki, MP candidate in the Election District 5, in a guest appearance on the “Samo vistina” show on TV Kanal 5.

Milososki pointed out that any whistleblower who will submit relevant material to him in the coming period will present it to the public in accordance with the standards of the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

“Any whistleblower who would discreetly provide me with relevant materials, I would present to the public in accordance with the standards of the human rights court in Strasbourg,” Milososki said.

He pointed out that the paradox of the current government is that it is now in partnership with people she previously called mobsters, terrorists, bullies, i.e. as he and Mijalkov said, Todorov and Mukovski are now in a partnership, which from material to business, who of judicial prosecutorial interests with Zoran Zaev, Vice Zaev, Den Doncev and Venko Filipce.

Milososki added that the SDSM government was not committed to creating, but to racketeering, citing criminal charges against former REK Bitola director Vasko Kovacevski, who demanded 250,000 euros.

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