Evidence: Raskovski and Zaev made decision to sell Jelak in Tetovo, for which Daka claims to have given a bribe of 300,000 euros


After the audio leak in which the controversial Serbian-Montenegrin businessman
Miodrag Davidovic Daka claims that he paid 300 thousand euros to the Secretary
General of the Government led by Zaev, Dragi Raskovski, things started to unravel.
Namely, in a conversation with Zoran Mileski Kiceec, businessman Daka is angry
because despite having paid a large sum, he has not yet been delivered what he
agreed with Raskovski and Zaev.
I know those tricks of yours, I gave you 300 thousand euros and 2000 square
meters, the job is not done, what else do you want? I paid you (referring to Kiceec)
and I have nothing to do with you, says Davidovic Daka, to which Mileski replies that
he was dealing with Raskoski now.
According to the audio leak, Daka agreed with Raskovski and Zaev to get the space
of the timber processing company Jelak in Tetovo of several thousand square
meters close to the city center.
Daka: Me finding out a week ago from Raskovski, that now they should make an
assessment of SIK Jelak after three years. Don’t mess with me, Zoran, you ask me
why I am angry. After 3 years, when it was you, Zdravko and Perovski, you promised
me in 7 days you would tell me how much the rest of Sik Jelak costs, is that so? True
or false? Did you promise me that?
Kiceec: He said that, not me.
Daka: That is your friend, I have nothing to do with him. Is it true that he made zero
to this day? Well what are we talking about then.
Official documents also confirm that the business between the Government and the
controversial Miodrag Davidovic Daka was really discussed.
At the 115th government session held on 15.01.2019, point 120 focused on the
property from bankruptcy proceedings by the debtor SIK Jelak AD Tetovo, with a
draft decision to give consent through a notary public to offer part of the business
premises to other owners, whereby they adopted the decision on granting consent.

This confirms that the Government was committed to giving the property of SIK
Jelak, which Daka and Kiceec are talking about, so now it is the turn of the
investigating authorities to find out when and where 300 thousand euros and 2000
square meters were given in order to complete this business. In the audio leak, Daka
and Kiceec say that Zaev and Raskovski were in charge of that job, and Daka has
already paid a huge amount of money for it.

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