Persons in self-isolation or quarantine can vote electronically


The State Election Commission (SEC) on Wednesday will organize a simulation of safe voting at a polling station where all media will be invited. At today’s session of the SEC, it was also announced that the citizens will be able to vote in the elections on July 15 with an expired passport, given that they will be valid until July 30.

SEC member Boris Kondarko also said that citizens would not be allowed to go to the polls wearing masks bearing the emblems of political parties, as this would be treated as an agitation at a polling station that is prohibited by law. Elizabeta Postoloska, a member of VMRO-DPMNE and Ditmire Shehu, vice president of the SEC and a member of the Commission proposed by DUI, demanded the addition of the agenda, i.e. changing the SEC guidelines for voting for people diagnosed with COVID-19 and in self-isolation.

Postoloska asked for a new item on the agenda, i.e. changing the voting instructions for these people, in order to enable people to register for voting with a positive COVID-19 test who did not receive a decision from the State Health and Sanitary Inspectorate. As proof that they are positive for COVID-19, these persons, as she proposed, to be able to submit the result of the test to the Commission, i.e. to the MEC. This was not accepted by the members of the SEC proposed by SDSM, Kondarko and Janake Vitanov, who believe that the day before the deadline for registration of these persons cannot change the instructions for voting of persons diagnosed with COVID-19 and those in self-isolation.

The proposal to change this instruction, i.e. to add the deadline for applying for voting to the persons with COVID-19 and in self-isolation or quarantine, ends Wednesday at midnight. Apart from a power of attorney, they will be able to apply for voting through the application for registration of voting of these persons posted on the SEC website

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