Macedonian doctor working in Denmark finds a way to stop the pandemic in 10 to 15 days


According to the latest findings from scientists around the world, who claim that the coronavirus can be kept in the air for a long time and transmitted from person to person only by breathing, and not just by coughing, singing or talking loudly, they are now asking the WHO to revise its recommendations and to confirm their findings and to revise its recommendations.

This seems to explain the cases of mass infections of whole families from weddings and other family celebrations in our country, but also in the neighboring countries.

It seems that wearing a mask should and must be our mandatory habit, until we find a vaccine or an effective cure for the coronavirus. Macedonian doctor of technical sciences Marjan Bozinovski almost a month ago, on the Emitter website published an article with graphs, which shows how important it is to wear masks and how the pandemic can be completely stopped with disciplined wearing of masks.

Marjan Bozinovski is a doctor of technical sciences. He received his PhD in 2004 from Aalborg University in Denmark, within the Institute of Electronic Systems. In his research he applied various methods and tools from statistics and probability theory.

According to the Shanghai University Rankings 2018, the Aalborg University is ranked 2nd in Europe and 14th in the world in the field of electrical and electronic engineering.

The latest analysis, which aimed to quantify the impact of wearing masks on the spread of SARS-CoV-2 (link: found a daily reduction in the number of new patients by 40% in the German city ​​of Jena. In about 10 days, the number of newly infected went down to zero.

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