Kosovo introduces compulsory COVID-19 test for Macedonian nationals


The government of Kosovo decided Monday that nationals of Macedonia, Bosnia-
Herzegovina and Montenegro must present a PCR test when entering the country,
MIA reports from Pristina.
The PCR test must be made in the past 72 hours.The decision exempts passengers
arriving at the Pristina-based airport, who are obliged however to sign a statement
they would leave Kosovo within three hours. Furthermore, passengers transiting the
airport are also not obliged to present a PCR test.
Transporters entering Kosovo from the three countries do not have to present a PCR
test but must observe protocols for international transport. Bus transporters will have
to sign a statement they would leave the territory of Kosovo within five hours.
In addition, foreign diplomats and their families, along with nationals from the three
countries that also possess a Kosovo citizenship and have residence in the country
are also exempted from the testing obligation.

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