Citizens vote at 3,480 polling stations


Early parliamentary elections are conducted according to the proportional model at 3,480 polling stations in six constituencies in Macedonia.

According to the concluded Voters’ List, 1,814,263 citizens have the right to vote. Of these, one million 729 thousand and 189 persons are registered in the excerpts of the Voters’ List. 83,054 persons who have emigrated or are working abroad are registered in the special election certificates. In the special voter list, on the other hand, 1,657 voters are registered for persons in prison and detention, in the old people’s homes 357 and six persons are registered as internally displaced persons.

The SEC accepted the registrations of 6,096 citizens for voting in the diaspora. As the number of accepted applications is less than the number of votes with which a Member of Parliament was elected in the 2016 elections, the SEC decided not to vote in the diplomatic and consular missions according to the submitted lists of candidates for MPs in EU 7. Its right to vote the citizens from the diaspora will be able to do it if they vote in the polling stations in the Republic of Macedonia.

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