Parliament constitutive session no later than 20 days after elections


The constitutive session of the Parliament of the Republic of North Macedonia
should be held no later than 20 days after the elections. Parliament Speaker of the
previous term, i.e. Talat Xhaferi is to schedule the constitutive session.
The Parliament is composed of 120 MPs that are elected for a term of four years.
The mandate of MPs is verified by the Parliament. The length of the mandate is
reckoned from the constitutive session of the Parliament.
Article 63 of the Constitution stipulates that, unless a constitutive session is not
scheduled within the time laid down, the Members of Parliament shall assemble and
constitute the Parliament on the twenty-first day after the completion of the elections.
The Constitution stipulates that the President of the Republic of North Macedonia
within ten days from the constitution of the Parliament to entrust the mandate for the
composition of the Government to a candidate of the party, i.e. the parties that have
a majority in the Parliament.
PM-designate submits government makeup and programme within 20 days of
entrusted mandate.

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