DUI stancesgoing softer, the party announces strengthening contacts with SDSM


The Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) seems to have begun to soften its stance ahead of the official start of negotiations to form a new parliamentary majority, according to statements by senior party officials showing a willingness to drop the idea of ​​an Albanian prime minister. and as their condition in the negotiations they set the observance of the agreements with Bulgaria and Greece and the progress in the Euro-Atlantic integration.

Organizational Secretary ArtanGrubi, in an interview with Albanian media yesterday, said that ZijadinSela’s Alliance for Albanians “stabbed” the idea of ​​the first Albanian Prime Ministerin the back, adding that in the coming period he expects to strengthen coalition contacts with the current partner in the SDSM government, rejecting the possibility of joint participation in the government with the Levica party.

SDSM still believes that they have the largest coalition capacity and expects them to form a new government. The leader of the Social Democrats ZoranZaev in an interview with Croatian media reiterated that the negotiations for a new government will begin immediately after the Ilinden holidays in order to meet the constitutional deadlines.

VMRO-DPMNE also reiterates its positions that party leader HristijanMickoski had presented at a press conference in his only address the day after the elections. The party claims that it is the winner of the elections and expects an opportunity to form a new government.

Meanwhile, the Alliance for Albanians is questioning the election results. After the rejection of the objections from the SEC and the lawsuits from the Administrative Court, Sela’s party scheduled a protest in Skopje on Monday. The party position is that their coalition with the Alternativa party will not enter the Government if DUI representatives participate in it.

According to the Constitution, the parliament should be constituted no later than 20 days after the elections. The President of the state is obliged to entrust the mandate for the composition of the government to a candidate of the party, i.e. the parties that have a majority in the Parliament, within 10 days from the constitution of the legislature. The prime minister-designate, on the other hand, within 20 days from the day of entrusting the mandate, should submit to the Parliament a program and a proposal for the composition of the Government.

In the early parliamentary elections held on July 15, according to initial unofficial results announced by the SEC, the SDSM-led coalition “We Can” won 46 MP seats, the VMRO-DPMNE coalition 44, DUI 15, AA and Alternativa 12, Levica two and DPA one MP seat.

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