Websites of Health and Education Ministries under hacker attack


The websites of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education have gone down after being hacked Thursday night by the hacker group known as the Macedonian “Anonymous”.

“Us again. This time our target it the most miserable ministry, the Ministry of Death. After all that we have seen with our own eyes, we cannot help but stay angry at all those sons and daughters who are put in a position to lead the Ministry of Health, where the health and lives of everyone here depend on it! Despite all our angry messages, we will now send a good one: for all the medics who are currently in the hospitals and are fighting 24/7 for all Macedonians infected with COVID-19, we take off our hats and bow to you to the ground. Utmost respect,” reads the hackers’ message.

The group behind the ANONOPSMKD profile, which claimed responsibility for the crash of the website last Wednesday, claims responsibility for this hacker attack as well.

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