Osmani: Zaev’s rhetoric in the campaign was wrong, it did not bring him more votes


Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs of the outgoing Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) BujarOsmani, pointed out that the pre-election rhetoric of ZoranZaev, the leader of the current coalition partner SDSM, was wrong, and that it did not bring him more votes as he expected.

“We regret that rhetoric that was not provoked by us, and was not correct towards partners in the past three years, but it is pre-election rhetoric. I think it was a vote-gathering strategy that proved to be unsuccessful. It should be analyzed who gave that idea. “We are looking forward, the campaign is over, in such a campaign we will be louder to prove ourselves to the citizens,” Osmani said.

The Parliament at the constitutive session practically constitutes the future Government.

“The first person of the Parliament should be elected at the first session, a second session of the Parliament cannot be convened without the Parliament Speaker,” Osmani said.

The election of incumbent Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi, also a DUI official, three years ago was followed by a series of controversies, protests and a violent incursion of protesters into Parliament who have been sentenced to long prison sentences.

Osmani also stressed that DUI would form a coalition with political entities that would respect the Ohrid Agreement, which promotes the rights of the Albanian minority, the Prespa Agreement with Greece to change the country’s constitutional name, and the Treaty with Bulgaria.

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