Former minister claims he was asked for bribes for a building in the center of Skopje


Police in the center of the capital Skopje on Saturday, on the orders of the inspection services, expelled construction workers from a building that they say has no building permit, but the investor, who is a former minister, claims that he has been constantly asked for bribes in recent years.

During the assistance of the police was the owner of the building Boris Stojmenov who entered into a verbal conflict with the police. It is a building in the center of Skopje, which was also replaced by a large business building partially converted into a hotel complex, which was completely demolished a few years ago to be replaced by a larger hotel.

Stojmenov is a former Minister of Finance (1998/1999) in the Government of Prime Minister Ljubco Georgievski from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE.

He pointed out that the hotel was not illegal, and accused that they were asking him for a bribe of one million euros so that they can continue working.

“Four years with paid utilities, with everything paid, we cannot build because they demand a million euros in bribes. I will not bribe them,” said Stojmenov.

Current mayor of the Municipality of Centar Sasa Bogdanovic, immediately released a written statement, according to whom the inspection determined that the investor had not completed all the documentation. He did not comment on Stojmenov’s allegations of bribery.

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