SEC hands over certificates to future MPs, opposition says it won more votes in total


The State Election Commission (SEC) President Oliver Derkoski handed over Saturday the certificates to the MPs elected at the July 15 early parliamentary elections. MPs of Levica, DPA and Alliance for Albanians failed to appear at the State Election Commission to receive their certificates.

Derkoski presented MPs’ certificates to VMRO DPMNE-led “Renewal for Macedonia” coalition to one representative from each electoral district, and the party Secretary General Igor Janushev accepted the rest on behalf of the others.

“We expect that in the coming period, and of course within the legally prescribed deadlines, they will invite us to the constitutive session of the Parliament. What we had the opportunity to see in the elections is that despite all the irregularities, bribes and everything that happened, especially during the pre-campaign and in the campaign, that the opposition parties still managed to win more votes than the ruling structure,” Janushev said after accepting the certificates.

Asked what he thought about the speculations that SDSM was trying to bribe MPs, Janushev replied that what they were trying to do at the moment was just “taking care of dirty work Zaev and no one else.”

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