DUI announces “five pillars” for negotiations with Albanian parties


During an interview on TV21 Bujar Osmani of DUI it was very important to have the consent for this, as he called it, Albanian platform in the political race, which should be permanent for the Albanian politics.

1. In the elections we do not run with more than two lists.

  1. The party that wins most votes speaks on behalf of the Albanians in other municipalities.
  2. The parties and the MPs who have less votes, support the first party that will speak about the strategic lines on behalf of all Albanian MPs, and will be the main corrector for daily political issues.
  3. MPs from non-winning parties do not negotiate on the side to weaken the winning party’s negotiating positions (as in 2006).

5. Opportunity for cooperation in various forms in the interest of the citizens between the Albanian political parties, said Bujar Osmani.

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