Mickoski: This is a competition that is played until the end, so it is with the formation of the government, many think that the result was stolen


This is a competition that is played until the last minute, and so it is with the formation of the government. We play this competition with all our hearts, protecting the honor and the reputation of both VMRO and the state. There will also be other competitions, which we will win, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski while speaking at the Ilinden celebration in Tasmarunishta.

He pointed out that he understood how many people must feel after the elections.

“I know that many people feel sickened by the difficulties and the injustices and look with disbelief at the missed opportunity, and I know that if there is an opportunity to turn back time, they say they would have acted differently. I also know that many consider this a stolen result. I will tell you all that I fully understand you and you are all right, and there is no giving up, and the fight continues. And I would disappoint you all if I gave up now, and more importantly I would betray Macedonia. And I am not like that. I will never disappoint or betray the country. And that is why we will fight even harder for our common future. The Apostle Goce Delchev said that we should seek the faith for success in ourselves and in others, if there is faith we should awaken it, if there isn’t, we should create it “, stressed Mickoski.

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