First-graders will not wear masks, designated guard to take their temperature


Whether the lessons will be part-time or some of the schools will go step by step, it will all be adjusted at times. It is important to understand that we will have to live with the virus, the social momentum of children and their education will have to be set by the authorities. Any moment of delaying the start of the school year in the future will cost us more, said Dr. Angelcho Andonovski, director of the Children’s Hospital – Kozle.

When asked about the age at which masks will be mandatory in schools, Andonovski said that discussions are still underway, and that the most important thing will be for the children to maintain social distance.

“We are still discussing what model will be adopted in terms of wearing masks at school. Above all, children need education, starting from the youngest, for them the most important thing is to maintain the distance. The first graders in this situation will be left out, wearing a mask for them will be an additional psychological barrier. While masks will be mandatory for children over 10 years of age,” said Andonovski.

“First the schools will have to meet the set conditions to start the school year, there should be a person in charge at the entrance who will measure the children’s  temperature, there will have to be a person who will be in charge to monitor the situation and implement everything according to the protocols “, said Andonovski.

The final decision the model for the start of the school year will revealed after August 10th.

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