Macedonia is the region’s leader in coronavirus mortality


The coronavirus death toll in Macedonia has risen to 500, and according to the official statistics of the Ministry of Health from the beginning of the crisis until yesterday, 11,140 positive cases were registered. Of these, 3,667 are still active, while 6,973 have recovered.

So far, a total of 105,984 tests have been conducted, which means that slightly more than every tenth citizen tested positive for the virus, TV Sitel reports.

According to official statistics, every 22nd positive case ends in death. The data show that Macedonia is in the top 10 in Europe according to the number of dead patients per 1 million inhabitants.

In total, with the latest official data on Monday, 240 patients per million inhabitants died in Macedonia, which is the ninth worst result in Europe and by far the worst in the region, because the closest to us from the wider countries is Bosnia and Herzegovina where more than twice less or 110 are registered deaths per million inhabitants. 83 patients per million inhabitants died in Montenegro, 68 in Serbia and 60 in Albania. The best statistics are in neighboring Greece, where a total of 209 patients or 20 per million people have died since the beginning of the crisis.


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