KSS demands an end to the threat of dismissal of 30,000 public sector workers


The goal is more than clear, to fire some workers and hire other workers for personal and party interests, which is an illegal act, and we, KSS, as a national union, act and fight to protect the rights of the worker, says the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Macedonia (KSS).

In the past, we were bombarded by the media that the volume of work in the public sector has decreased due to the economic and health crisis, say the KSS, but also with the employees who are on a part-time contract and through the copyright agencies (from 25,000 to 30,000 workers). in their M1 / ​​M2 forms from the Employment Agency as a reason for employment it is stated that “GIRING BECAUSE OF INCREASED WORK LOAD”.

In the interest of the state and all workers who have lost their jobs, they demand that the Law on Labor Relations is acted upon and that party employment be abolished and that the same funds be used to compensate those who have actually lost their jobs due to the economic and health crisis.

“Instead of SDSM leader ZoranZaev announcing the dismissal of 20% or 30,000 workers in the public sector, in the interest of the state and all citizens of our country, we ask the Government to implement the Labor Law and take care of all socially disadvantaged families and workers, or there will be a social crisis,” said KSS.

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