Tourism workers issue an ultimatum and announce protests


As if it is not enough that we are the most threatened sector due to the pandemic, Minister VenkoFilipche further complicated our work with the statement: “I recommend not to travel at all, citizens should stay at home, and it would be better that the borders are not opened,” said tourism workers.

“If the minister recommends not traveling to protect the citizens, then let the state help this sector and protect us from the ruin that has already arrived,” the tourist workers react.

They issued an ultimatum to change, as they say, the illogical decision to transport 50 percent of passengers on buses by August 15th at the latest, and demand that the measure to subsidize the salaries of this sectorbe extended, which includes travel agencies, guides and carriers.

Unless immediate aid measures are taken, the tourism sector is announcing protests across the country and a complete roadblock.

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