More deaths than newborn in Macedonia in 2019


In 25 years, the natural increase in the country has decreased from 15736, to minus 601 people, according to data from the State Statistical Office. In 1994, 15,736 people were born more than died, and last year 601 fewer people were born than died.

Data from the SSO publication on Natural Population Movement in 2019, published a week ago, show a steady decline in natural growth in the last 25 years. If in 1994 it was 15772 people, in five years until 1998 it dropped to 10011 people, i.e. it decreased by about 5000. The data show that in the following years the natural increase gradually decreases for last year to be negative and to have more deaths thannewborn.

During this period, the number of live births decreased from 31,421 people in 1994, to 19845 last year, which is a decrease of about 11 thousand births. At the same time, the death toll rose by about 5,000 people, from 15,649 in 1994 to 20,446 last year.

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