Macedonia is on the verge of bankruptcy, the citizens are on their knees, while Zaev’s family is collecting profits


ZoranZaev and SDSM through the more expensive electricity, which will be paid by the citizens, collect fresh money which later through tenders should be taken by companies close to the government and the Zaevfamily,accuses VMRO-DPMNE.

“While citizens pay expensive electricity bills, Zaev companies collect profits. If SDSM had not seen the budgets of REK Bitola and ELEM as a means of enrichment of individuals and had been more oriented toward investments and saving, these companies would not have reduced profit.Instead of hiring party soldiers and conducting voter bribery before the elections, SDSM through ELEM could have influenced the price of electricity, which during the pandemic is decreasing everywhere in the region and in Europe, while only in our country it is increasing. SDSM does not care about the citizens, as long as the interest of individuals close to the Zaev family is pursued. Macedonia is a collateral damage to the desire for enrichment of the Zaev family and the people around them at the expense of the labor and suffering of 2 million people,” VMRO-DPMNE said.

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