Police prevents new case of smuggling of illegal migrants, including children



A 28-year-old resident of Shtip was arrested on Friday and detained in a police station for smuggling 43 migrants, including children, from Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

On the regional road Sveti Nikole – Kumanovo, yesterday around 12 o’clock police officers gave a signal to stop a Mercedes truck with Veles license plates, but the vehicle did not stop. After a short time, the vehicle stopped and the driver started to run away, but was immediately caught by the police officers.

The case was reported to the Public Prosecutor, by whose order the migrants were accommodated in the Transit Center “Vinojug” Gevgelija.

Earlier this week, the Interior Ministry reported the discovery of three more cases of mass smuggling of migrants. Twenty-five migrants were found on Thursday, 19 from Pakistan, five from Afghanistan and one from India. The day before, police arrested two people and found 103 migrants near Demir Kapija near the southern border with Greece, and on Tuesday at Vaksince near the northern border with Serbia, 45 migrants from Syria, Bangladesh, Somalia, Pakistan and Palestine were found.

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